There is no article en Mundeze. The defined or indefinite nature is indicated by the context.. When the context does not allow knowing if the substantive is defined or not, the indefinite is preferred (eve, tsipe, matey = a house, a bird, women).

To insist on the unicity of what we are talking about, use the numeral adjective “un” (1).

If we want to insist on the indefinite quantity on what we talk about, we use the indefinite adjective “ya” (some).


me si bate = I am a man
me si bate ke predio peli na tu = I’m the man who talked to you yesterday
tu si alta bate = You’re a tall man
me voli gua eve = I want a big house
me ami tcokolate = I like chocolate
me voli tcokolate = I want chocolate
me voli un tcokolateye = I want one chocolate
mea masamia krome si rodje = My favorite color is red
agiley si tsipe = Eagles are birds
me ami agiley = I like eagles
me peli na ya mate = I’m talking to a woman
ki tu peli na tsipey? = Do you speak to birds?
ki tu peli na ya tsipey? = Do you speak to some birds?

When the context really does not provide the defined nature, adjectives such as tia (that) can be used.

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