Here is the current translation of the basic colors:

Red ➜ rodje
Brown ➜ brone
Orange ➜ oranje
Yellow ➜ jele
Green ➜ verde
Cyan ➜ syane
Blue ➜ blue
Purple ➜ purpe
Magenta ➜ majente
Pink ➜ pinke
Grey/Gray ➜ grize
Black ➜ kale
 White ➜ byele

However, we submit a proposal for a logical system to name the colors, based on their hue, brightness, and even saturation level. Here is a 2D table that includes the first 2 parameters:

Here is the name of the colors according to this system:

Red ➜ rucye
Brown ➜ ranye
Orange ➜ jocye
Yellow ➜ jucye
Lime ➜ grucye
Green ➜ grunye
Cyan ➜ sucye
Blue ➜ blucye
Navy blue ➜ blunye
Purple ➜ punye
Fuchsia ➜ pucye
Grey/Gray ➜ grinye

In addition to these 2 parameters, we can also specify the saturation level by adding an intermediate syllable, if the level is less than 80%:

For example, a white skin could have the color “ranucya” 
and a black skin could be “ranunya”

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