Nova Biologia Nomenklaturo

Scienca Revuo 48 (1997) 9-18


Are you Homo sapiens or Antropo regnotipa?

Neil Cumberlidge (US)
Sekcio Biologio, Nordmiĉigana Universato, Usono


Rüdiger SACHS (DE)
Sekcio Natursciencoj, Akademio Internacia de la Sciencoj (AIS) San Marino


Many scientists have learned how to live with the disadvantages, imperfections and eccentrics of the contemporary traditional nomination system internationally used in all natural fields. Others are unhappy about the inadvertent, often not even available scientific names of animals and plants. This is especially a factor that causes many biologists to disagree with the existing nomenclature – not a strong desire for a simpler rule or more logical structure in a better super-supervision system. But not a few scientists would only reluctantly eliminate a well-known and reliable convenience system that works well enough to replace it with a more logical, nominal system, terminologically, as it presents the New Biological Name Enclosure (NBN). The authors handle and compare some fundamental differences between NBN and the existing conventional systems from the point of view of scientists with intimate relation to zoological taxonomy.

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