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Mundeze is an international auxiliary language project. It was designed with the aim of making it as easy, regular and instinctive as possible, to serve as efficient mean of communication between people.

Mundeze is characterized by its objective ease of learning. It allows the speakers to know a maximum words that they never learned before, and allows to guess the meaning of the words that they never heard on the basis of words formation consistency and an ethymology as widely as possible.

The phonetic spelling, the effective system of declination, the consistency, the absence of exceptions and of unnecessary difficulties, made of Mundeze a very easy language for everybody, regardless of origin and mother tongue.

This language is still a project in the sense that it is perfectible and open to the improvements that the community can make.

Be part of the project too, and help us to equip humanity with the most effective auxiliary language!

How to use this site

  • All titles are preceded by an up arrow ↑ that returns to the top of the page.
  • All words in Mundeze are written in red and most of them refer to the corresponding lexicon page. Hovering the words in red with the mouse makes the translation into English appear.
  • It is possible (and encouraged) to leave comments of all kinds on each page. Comments can be used in particular to ask questions, make criticisms, suggestions… that will be analysed and that will probably enrich the site (with further explanations, improvements, etc.).
  • Any new proposal will be discussed and surveyed so that everyone can express their preferences…)

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