Learn with pictures:

01. Vocabulary

02. Vocabulary

03. Questions

04. Comparison

05. Locate

06. Discussion


  • David Trembla

    I would like some more chapters !

  • Non of the links work. I’m enthusiastic about this language. It has a unique sound to it. Please continue and produce educational content. Maybe a translation of ‘Hallo, Jonatan’? This would aid comprehension greatly, until there are lessons no one can learn this language. Unless you expect us to memorise the lexicon word by word.

    • Thank you for your feedback יאשי‎!
      The site on which I had made my lessons had a makeover and deleted the courses I had created. Fortunately, I had taken screenshots of them. I’ve just updated the page so you can see them again, while I wait to make some new ones.
      I realize that the beginning is very good, but the pace accelerates far too quickly after that. I’d have to dwell more on the new words and new concepts so they can be better assimilated.

    • The first two chapters of Salute, Jonathan! have been translated to Mundeze. You cna check them here: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Salam,_Jonathan!

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